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 Blank Checks.
Here is an example of a blank check that we use in the lesson plan.



We designed the checks in the lesson plan to be easy for a student to write on,

 while providing a practical experience.

You can use this check in your presentations, lesson plans, etc.

as long as you leave the logo on the check. Tim Liptrap.


Blank Check


Blank Check



Teaching the elements of a check.


All checks have a set of common elements that are recognized internationally by humans and computer software alike. Pass out or display a copy of the Elements of Check diagram for each student to see.


Review each box starting with the address block and continue counter clockwise.  To test their retention and knowledge, have the students identify which element corresponds to the letter on the Example Check page.



Important talking points:


        All checks must have a signature to be considered legal tender.

        If a check is post-dated, it cannot be cashed until that date or later.

        On the amount line, always begin writing at the beginning of the line; this will stop anyone
from making changes to your check.

        Never sign a "blank check".

        The written dollar amount and amount in the box should match.

        The written dollar amount is what will be paid to the holder of the check.


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