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Balance your checkbook

Here is an example of a method to balance your checkbook that we use in the lesson plan.
Students would complete this on there own.
We build in mistakes for them to work on their problem solving skills.



How to Write Checks

January Check Writing Exercise




1.         To reconcile your checkbook, review the previous month's checking account statement for errors.  To do this, compare your returned checks and bank statement against your check register  to make sure that all the entries match. 

             Place a check mark "" in your register, next to all the checks returned.

 2.        Add any ATM or bank service charges and Interest credits to your check register. Use
the bank statement for the specific amounts and dates (See Example 1.1).

 3.         Organize your bills, deposits and ATM withdrawals by date.

 4.         For each bill or invoice, write out and sign a check. Be sure to add the check number,
             date and amount. Check numbers should begin with the next number available. For
             example, January checks should begin at number 110.

 5.         Code each individual invoice as shown in the How to Write Checks training manual.

 6.         Write each individual transaction into your check register. Double check your
  numbers and keep a running balance.  

7.           Add all deposits and ATM withdrawals by date.




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